Juunior isased/Junior males:

Ferret nr. 1 Valgetuhkur Early Scout
(d.o.b April 2015, neutered, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Lovely boy with good structure, mask could be little darker, too much white on the throat

Christina Steensbro “Nice positure, head is a bit too flat, too much white on throat but very cute face.” 

Ferret nr. 2 Valgetuhkur Starfighter
(d.o.b April 2015, neutered, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “He has great color and mask too, little missing fur from leg and little bit big eyes. Sweet boy”

Christina Steensbro “Lovely color, head too feminine, cute expression

Ferret nr. 3 Valgetuhkur Dandy Dan
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Beautifull big and strong boy,with very good and soft fur condition.Mask could be little darker,and his ears little big.

Christina Steensbro “Strong hob but seems very soft. Ears seems unevenly placed and his color is a bit too weak in the mask (however, probably due to winter). Coat looks very nice and soft.



Ferret nr. 4 Russian Ferret Lovelace
(d.o.b May 2015, intact, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Good strong pusture and nice color, his head little flat and low set, mask could be little darker,nose color is good.

Christina Steensbro “Head seems too flat and short and ears are low set and uneven. He looks otherwise strong. Good color and fur seems nice and soft.



Ferret nr. 5 Valgetuhkur Peach Puff
(d.o.b April 2015, neutered, pastel)

Livia Szabo “His head too narrow. the fur is not in the best condition,and he is little weak,color is good. Sweet boy.

Christina Steensbro “Head is a bit too long and ears seems unevenly placed and sized. I like the color but a bit too much white in the throat. The fur seems a bit coarse and his face is very cute.



Ferret nr. 6 KLASSI VÕITJA! Valgetuhkur Spitfire
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Very good pusture with great color. Fur seems to be in good condition. Ears are too big,and maybe he has little short tail. Beautiful boy!

Christina Steensbro “Nice color and fur seems soft. Ears are places a bit too low and is a bit big but otherwise good face and positure.


Juunior emased/Junior females: 

Ferret nr. 20 Kriimu
(d.o.b June 2015, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “Sweet lady,her fur must be better condition,little missing fur (probable she had operation) her nose color must be little darker,and mask could be cleaner.

Christina Steensbro “Nice feminine head and positure. The body color is good but the mask could be more clear. She seems to be shaved on the belly – probably due to spaying.



Ferret nr. 21 KLASSI VÕITJA! Valgetuhkur Lavender Blush
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, sable)

Livia Szabo “Very beautifull sable girl with great posture.Her fur is beautifull ,soft. Love her so much!

Christina Steensbro “Feminine head and good coat. She seems a bit soft/chubby. I love her color as it reminds me of my first ferret.”


Ferret nr. 22 Valgetuhkur Candy Stripe
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Very sweet girl.Her eyes little big,and a bit long face. Color is good,but the fur condition must be little better.

Christina Steensbro “She has a very cute expression to her face and lovely round eyes. Her ears is a bit too bit and her face seems quite long. She has OK color but the fur looks coarse.



Ferret nr. 23 Elly
(d.o.b April 2015, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “Very good posture with strong head. Mask could be little cleaner and nose color must be darker. Ears little big. Beautifull girl!

Christina Steensbro “Strong but still feminine head. Very good color and shine fur. Her ears is a bit too big.

Ferret nr. 24 KOHTUNIKU CHRISTINA STEENSBRO LEMMIK! Valgetuhkur Memphis Belle
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Little beauty with nice posture! Her color is good .Her head is little flat and weak.

Christina Steensbro “Very nice little girl. Her mask and color is good and positure is fine. She has a feminine head but it is a bit too flat. Her ears are too big and not evenly placed.


Ferret nr. 25 Pätu
(d.o.b May 2015, implanted, sable)

Livia Szabo “Her fur condition seems to be good,her musk could be cleaner,and too much white fur on the throat and legs. Sweet lady!

Christina Steensbro “Her face seems asymmetric (can be the angle of the picture) and her eyes are too small. She seems soft (too much fat). I am however sure, she is a very sweet girl.



Ferret nr. 26 Valgetuhkur Cora Luise
(d.o.b April 2015, implanted, pastel)

Livia Szabo “Her color and posture are very good. Her head is little weak,and little bit big eyes.

Christina Steensbro “Very cute face! Nice color and positure and profile. She seems a bit pointy to the skull a quite long in her body size.


Seenior isased/Senior males: 

Ferret nr. 40 Valgetuhkur Cafe Cubano 
(d.o.b 2014, implanted, sable)

Livia Szabo “Lovely boy. His nose structure little long, eyes are little big. His color and mask very beautifull.

Christina Steensbro “I like his expression and his mask a lot even if it could have been stronger, I am sure it is due to winter timing in the pictures. He has a bit too much skin around the face and seems a bit soft on the belly.



Ferret nr. 41 KLASSI VÕITJA & VASTASSUGUPOOLE PARIM! ” Valgetuhkur Cafe Tobio 
(d.o.b 2014, neutered, black sable)

Livia Szabo “He looks like a little soft bear. Her belly is little big.Mask could be cleaner and nose color must be darker.

Christina Steensbro “Lovely face expression and good mask and head. He has a bit too much skin on his chin and seems soft, if you feel him up.


Ferret nr. 42 Paksu
(d.o.b 2012, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “He need more muscle,very weak boy. Her color is okey.From the phtoes seems to be he is growing the new fur. Sweet boy.

Christina Steensbro “His skull is very long – especially in the profile picture. His ears are too big for his skull and he seems to be in need for some more muscle mass. Otherwise, he seems nice and lean with a soft coat and good body color.


Ferret nr. 43 Valgetuhkur Ice Breaker
(d.o.b 2013, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “Sweet big bear.Mask could be little stronger. Ears little big. He has missing fur beetwen back legs. White spots on front fingers.

Christina Steensbro “Sweet boy – he seems cuddly. His face is a bit too long and his body seems too soft. I like his body color but the mask should have been stronger.



Ferret nr. 44 Valgetuhkur Ritter Sport
(d.o.b 2012, neutered, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Chocolate bear 🙂 Posture is good.Color is okey.He has too big ears.

Christina Steensbro “Very good positure, coat and color. His ears are too big and low set and he has a bit too much skin around his chin. He looks very cute though.



Ferret nr. 45 Oss
(d.o.b 2014, implanted, black sable)

Livia Szabo “He has big ears. He need stronger head structure ,he like a girl. His color and fur condition are good.

Christina Steensbro “His skull is too feminine and ears are very round. I really like his color – very good black solid coloration wise.


Ferret nr. 46 Taiker Iz Sibirskih Afin
(d.o.b 2014, intact, pastel)

Livia Szabo “Sweet boy,he has strong body,and good fur too. He has missing mask and too small tail.

Christina Steensbro “Cute expression but mask is totally missing. He seems strongly built and soft in his coat. Too much skin in his chin.”



Ferret nr. 47 Valgetuhkur Boneknapper
(d.o.b 2014, implanted, black sable)

Livia Szabo “Great posture,his fur must be little better. Ears are very big,and mask could be cleaner. Like his so much!

Christina Steensbro “Nice positure and skull. His ears seem unevenly sized and are too big. I like his color but his mask should have been stronger.



Ferret nr. 48 Stardust Berry
(d.o.b 2012, neutered, black)

Livia Szabo “He has to big belly,color is good. He need a little stronger head structure. Lovely black boy.

Christina Steensbro “Compact boy but too much belly (profile picture). His ears are too triangular and low set. His body color is good but in the face there is too many black spots in his white around the nose/mouth.



Ferret nr. 49 Valgetuhkur Ferrero Rocher
(d.o.b 2012, implanted, pastel)

Livia Szabo “Very good pusture! Ears are too big,color is very good. Little bit short tail.

Christina Steensbro “I like his positure – very good picture! His fur seems very soft. His head is a bit too pointy for a hob and ears are too big. His color is good for such a light pastel.


Seenior emased/Senior Females:

Ferret nr. 60 Larissa
(d.o.b 2014, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “Sweet girl. Her pousture is good. Head is little long.Ears are too big. Her fur must be in better condition.

Christina Steensbro “Her skull is a bit too pointy and ears are too big. Her positure is very good and she has such a cute face expression. Her eyes are very shinny – maybe a runny?



Ferret nr. 61 KOHTUNIKU LIVIA SZABO LEMMIK! Moonshine Evil Princess Vesuuv
(d.o.b 2012, neutered, sable)

Livia Szabo “I love her color so much! She seems to be a chobby girl. Her colors and posture are very good. Her fur condition very good.

Christina Steensbro “Very cute girl but she looks grumpy due to her skull structure. She seems nicely built and her fur seems soft and good. I love her color!


Ferret nr. 62 Valgetuhkur Inestimable Merci
(d.o.b 2012, intact, pastel)

Livia Szabo “Her ears are too big, her color is not the best. Sweet little one with soft fur.

Christina Steensbro “Head is not feminine and her color is a bit too weak. Her ears are bit big and not correctly placed. She seems to have a good size and soft coat.



Ferret nr. 63 KLASSI VÕITJA & NÄITUSE PARIM! Nightshade’s Rubidium
(d.o.b 2011, intact, albino)

Livia Szabo “Good posture with good color. Little big ears,but very beautifull face Little missing fur beetwen to back legs. Beautifull albino girl.

Christina Steensbro “Beautiful albino girl. I like her positure (maybe a bit too much tummy) and her even yellowish color. Her ears seems a bit too bit but her skull is nice and feminine.


Ferret nr. 64 Pickpocket’s Pink Polar Bear
(d.o.b 2012, intact, albino)

Livia Szabo “Good structure.Her belly is too big.(Maybe she is pregnant or false pregnant) Good color and fur condition. Little missing fur near to belly and back legs.

Christina Steensbro “Her stomach is very round (is she false pregnant/pregnant?). Her skull is too strong for a female and ears are too big. Her fur seems nice and soft.


Ferret nr. 65 Pickpocket’s Heavy April Rain
(d.o.b 2012, implanted, black sable)

Livia Szabo “Great girl with good structure,she seems to be very strong. Her belly little big,fur condition very good.Her mask could be little cleaner.

Christina Steensbro “Lovely strong sable girl. I like her color but her mask could be stronger. Her coat is very shiny and looks soft.


Ferret nr. 66 Valgetuhkur Shibuichi
(d.o.b 2012, implanted, black sable)

Livia Szabo “Good body structure,only little big belly,Very good fur condition,seems to be shine and soft.Ears are little big,and musk should be cleaner.

Christina Steensbro “Her skull seems very short and not feminine. Her ears are too big. I like her body color but her mask should have been more marked.


Ferret nr. 67 Telificenta Iz Sibirskih Afin
(d.o.b 2014, intact, chocolate)

Livia Szabo “Lovely girl with great color,mask should be little stronger. Posture good but her head is too strong.And her ears are too low set.

Christina Steensbro “What a cute expression! I like her color on the body but mask should have been a bit stronger. Her ears are set too low on her skull and head should have been more feminine.



Ferret nr. 68 Älis
(d.o.b 2013, neutered, silver mitt)

Livia Szabo “Sweet little mitt girl. She should be more muscle,she is thin. Her fur condition must be better. She have goood clean symmetric white paws.

Christina Steensbro “Cute little lady. I like her skull and her coat. She seems a bit too weak in her structure and color should have been stronger.





Ferret nr. 70 Quicksilver Dumle
(d.o.b 2009, implanted, dark sable)

Livia Szabo “Lovely old lady with very good condition. Good soft and shine fur,little bit big ears.

Christina Steensbro “Cute old little lady! Her coat looks very nice and soft and she has a very cute facial expression. Her ears are a bit too big and her belly is a little round in the sides.”



Ferret nr. 71 KLASSI VÕITJA! Honey
(d.o.b 2010, neutered, pastel)

Livia Szabo “Tiny old lady,her fur in good condition,her head is little long and ears are too big.

Christina Steensbro “Lean girl. Her skull is a bit too pointy and her ears too big. She has a fluffy nice coat and good pastel color.