Ferret weekend

Time: August 12 2017
Place: Keila vald

Judge: Maisa Thurman from Finland

Show limit is 65 ferrets

NB! Show will follow Scandinavian championchip rules and ferret can attempt to become a champion

All healthy ferrets can participate. Ferret must have valid rabies vaccination and canin distemper or complex vaccination. First time vaccination must be done atleast 30 days before the show day.
We suggest parasite treatment (earmites) before the show.

Registration will start May 12 2017 12.00

Registration until July 15 2017 (or until show is full)
Estonan Ferret Union members:

Send us information about each participating ferret:
Official name of the ferret
Birth date
Color (DEW, silver, pastel, chocolate, cinnamon, albino, sable, black sable, blackself)
Color concentration (standard, solid, point, roan)
Markings (mitt, blaze, panda)
Fur type
Neutered or implanted or intact
Breeder’s name and country
Owner’s name, country, phone and e-mail (phone and e-mail wont be public info)
If ferret can receive championchip status at the show, please add previous show results also (only those that matter for championchip).

For registration send us ferret info via e-mail tuhkruteliit@gmail.com.
Correct registration will be confirmed. We will send information about payment to each participant later.
If You wont get confirmation, double check it and let us know. Unconfirmed ferrets wont participate at the show.
Info +372 50 28 452, e-mail tuhkruteliit@gmail.com