Planned litters

2018. planned litters

1. Soul Mirror’s Ferretry

Owner: Diana Mägi.
GSM: +372 56 679 898.

1) Soul Mirror´s Artemis + Jelly Belly Cavalli
Expected colors: black, black sable, sable; possible other colors.
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2) Soul Mirror´s Freya + Sly Brotherhood Alvin.
Expected colors: dark colored kits, possible other colors,  mitts and markings.
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3) Soul Mirror´s Diamond + Hubert.
Expected colors: albino and sable
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2. Valgetuhkur Ferretry

Owner: Heleri Haiba
GSM: +372 50 28 452

1) Valgetuhkur Melissa Blue + Pickpocket’s Obscurus
Expected colors: sable and black sable
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