About ferret shows



  • Do not disturb the judge! Taking pictures with flashlight disturbs a lot. Judge comments and evaluation is final. Do not complain about that to the judges. If You have any questions about organizing or protocol rules, then come and ask assistants or the head organizers, but do not speak with the judge. We try to keep evaluation as anonymos as possible, so if Your ferret is on the table then do not go near and smile and say hi to judge.
  • Keep good hygiene! Take desinfection product with You to the show and use it before You are touching other ferrets. Do not touch any ferrets without a permission from the owner! Do not allow others to touch Your ferrets without desinfectioning first!
  • Ferrets are not allowed to let them free. Every owner must be responsible for their ferrets.
  • Take food, water, extra cat litter (if needed), bedding and comfortable carrier or cage/ playpen with You to provide normal care for Your ferret
  • All the trash must be put into the garbage bin. Try to keep the show place clean and nice
  • Lets keep it quiet. Do not talk or shout loudly. We all have nicer day if we are not tired about the noise.



Judging is completely anonymous. The judge will be given only the basic information of the ferret: date of birth, color, gender. Breeder, the name of the ferret and the place of residence will not be mentioned. There are numbers visible on the table, so You can see who is on evaluation and You can prepare Your ferret in time. Please, keep an eye and prepare Your ferret for judging. Ferret must be in empty carrier and ready for assistant to pick it up. Ferret number must be in visible place.

Judge only judges the ferret as it is seen at the moment. Please, make sure that Your ferret is clean, healthy and groomed.

Ferrets will be evaluated by 100 point system.kohtunikud

Juniors (up to 12 months)
Seniors (from 12 months to 4 years)
Veterans (from 5 years of age)



AWARDS AND PRIZESsuvenaitus056_d-vi

Awards given at the show
1-4 ferrets in category, we give out 1st prize
5-8 ferret, we give out 1st and 2nd prize
9-12 ferrets we will give out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

1st prizes from each class will  compete for:
Best Junior
Best Senior
Best Veteran